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Steel sheets

Typical applications for steel sheets are roofing and guttering. To ensure high quality, all raw materials used for our sheets conform to the Japanese standard JIS G3312. Our identification gauge and thickness are printed by computer on each roofing sheet inorder to assure the highest quality and to prevent unscrupulous individuals from tampering with the gauge.

Galvanized steel sheets

Sembule manufactures and supplies a wide range of galvanized roofing sheets. These sheets are available in a wide range of gauges from 32 Gauge (0.19 mm) to 22 Gauge (0.65 mm).

Sembule also manufactures and supplies pre-painted roofing sheets in gauges 32 to 22. We offer sheets in several colors such as blue, forest green, dark green and brick red (maroon).

Typical corrugations for the roofing sheets are the sine-wave corrugations (14 x 3 and 11 x 3) and the mound and rib corrugations (4MR and 2MR).

The 11 x 3 (11 troughs) roofing sheet has a cover width of 836 mm whereas the 14 x 3 (14 troughs) sheet has a cover width of 1,064 mm. The cover area of 1 meter length of 11 x 3 sheet is 0.836 m2 and that of 1 meter length of 14 x 3 sheet is 1.064 m2.


Sembule supplies standard box and round type regular gutters as well as valley gutters. The standard box type gutters come in two standard sizes 75 x 100x 125 mm and 135 x 150 x 175 mm. The lengths range from 1.83 m to 3 m. All gutters are supplied with their corresponding clamps.


Sembule manufactures top ribbed and top rounded type ridges. The widths standards range from 200 mm to 750 mm.

Down pipes

Sembule manufactures square and round type down pipes. The round down pipes range in diameter from 300 mm to 800 mm whereas the square down pipes range in area from 300 mm2 to 600 mm2.

Please contact our sales department for specific requests.

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