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Mild Steel Reinforcement Bars

Mild Steel reinforcement bars are mainly used for reinforcing slabs and burglar proofing. To ensure that our customers get the highest quality products, Sembule mild steel reinforcement bars are specifically manufactured to meet or exceed the British standard, BS 4449.

The most popular Sembule reinforcement bars are supplied in 12 meter straight lengths although other lengths are available upon request.

The table below shows dimensions of some of our most popular mild steel reinforcement bars.

Nominal Sectional area Nominal diameter Nominal weight
(cm2) (mm) (Kg/m)
0.28 6 0.22
0.51 8 0.4
0.79 10 0.62
1.13 12 0.89
0.20 16 1.58
0.31 20 2.47
0.49 25 3.85
0.80 32 6.31

Please contact our sales department for specific requests.

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