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5th October 2005


Kampala, Uganda – Sembule Steel Mills Ltd today re-launched its line of welding stick electrodes at its main plant in the Nalukolongo Industrial Area, Kampala.

Sembule Welding Electrodes are of excellent quality and conform to International standards BS 639 AND BS 1719. They are made from high quality raw materials imported from Belgium and are manufactured using machinery from well known Manufacturers- Oerlikon of Switzerland. ``We are therefore combining State of the art machinery, high quality raw materials and Very experienced and skilled man power,” said Mr. Francis Sembuya, the company’s managing director.

The new welding electrodes will be made in three gauges 8, 10, and 12 for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) of heavy, middle and light materials respectively.

Welding electrodes are used in several applications including industrial and commercial fabrications, maintenance repairs. Sembule’s customers generally use the welding electrodes in fabricating trailer bodies, modifying or repair of tools, fabrication of window and door frames.

Sembule Steel Mills Ltd is the sole manufacturer of this product in the whole country and this is a reflection of our consistent commitment to innovation, quality and productivity.

``We take this opportunity to thank our regular customers like URC, UCTU, Tumpeco, Netpa, Kyaterekera, Bansel engineering, Banamasaka, Lugave, DVD Engineering and all the others,” said Mr. Francis Sembuya.

``We look forward to a profitable business and request everyone to support indigenous local Ugandan businesses. When this is done the economic, social and financial benefits of our work will trickle down to us all,” said Mr. Francis Sembuya.

Sembule Steel Mills Ltd is a leader in the construction steel industry and manufactures and supplies wire and roofing products to customers in over 10 countries in East and Central Africa. After more than 30 years in the steel industry, Sembule continues to be the leader in providing high quality products and offering unparalleled customer service.

Sembule products - Barbed Wire, Chain-link Fencing, Roofing Sheets, Expanded Metal Lath, Hollow Sections, Mild Steel Plates, Mild Steel Welding Electrodes, Reinforcing Bars, Reinforcing Fabric (BRC), Round Iron Bars, Welded Wire Mesh, Wire Nails, Paper clips and Binding wire are widely known and widely used throughout the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Sembule Steel Mills Ltd is a member of the Sembule Group of Companies

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