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The Sembule Group is a leader in several industries from Steel to Electronics. Our products - Barbed Wire, Chainlink Fencing, Roofing Sheets, Expanded Metal Lath, Hollow Sections, Mild Steel Plates, Mild Steel Welding Electrodes, Reinforcing Bars, Reinforcing Fabric (BRC), Round Iron Bars, Welded Wire Mesh, Wire Nails, Television sets, Radio sets and Telephones are widely known and widely used throughout the Great Lakes region of Africa.

The Sembule Group is a leader in the construction steel industry and it manufactures and supplies wire and roofing products to customers in over 10 countries in the East and Central Africa. After more than 30 years in business, the Sembule Group continues to be the leader in providing high quality products and offering unparalleled customer service.

Our parent company, Sembule Steel Mills Limited is organized into three divisions, the wire division, steel rolling division and the roofing division. These three divisions provide all the steel products listed above.
Our consumer electronics products are produced by Sembule International limited.
Sembule Limited is responsible for the group's real-estate and general trading businesses.

We are located in the Nalukolongo industrial area, 4 km off Masaka road, Kampala, Uganda. We are stategically located in an industrial area with direct access to several main roads, a railway siding and a very reliable industrial-strength high-voltage electric power grid and our own power substation.

Sembule Steel Mills Limited is owned by its original founders, Mr. Christopher Sembuya and the Late Mr. Henry Buwule's family. Today, Mr. Christopher Sembuya continues to serve as the chairman of the Board of Directors. The management team is led by the Managing Director, Mr. Francis Sembuya.

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Member Companies

Sembule Steel Mills Ltd

Sembule International Ltd

Sembule Limited

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